Feeling SO inspired by René Redzepi and MAD's newest endeavour VILD MAD which launched recently. VILD MAD ( "wild food" ) is a comprehensive and free resource designed to help the Danish public sustainably explore and cook with wild food. Watching the VILD MAD video on the MAD Feed I felt so energised - I loved it when René Redzepi likened being in nature to being in a 'supermarket' - it instantly reminds me of a time some years ago, when 'Uncle Max' ( as he is widely known, or Max Dulumunmun Harrison, an Aboriginal Elder of the Yuin people, who lived throughout the south coast of NSW ) took a group of us on a tour of the bush, as part of a Zen Buddhist retreat which Nell introduced to me. As we walked, Uncle Max spoke about 'Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon' and pointed out all of the delicious edible native plants and seeds. In 2009, Uncle Max and photographer Peter McConchie published a special book, 'My People's Dreaming' ( Finch Publishing Sydney ). As Uncle Max conveyed to us over that amazing weekend, and as he writes; "We are not following the sun, we are following the crops. Following the cupboards or the aisles of what I call the ancient supermarkets of the bush ... It is so important to read the land, to be observant of the changing colour of the leaves, and the changes in behavior of the animals, so we become aware and recognise the messages the land is sending us." Initiatives that deepen our understanding of where our food comes from are crucial. Thank you René Redzepi and the MAD team for your meaningful work with VILD MAD and, back here on our own shores, again, the deepest bow, especially to Mike and Gayle Quarmby of Outback Pride Fresh for providing we Australians the opportunity to cook and learn about the precious native foods of this country. 📸For Australian native plant stockists head to Wholefoods House and Outback Pride Fresh.